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Matthew Silverstone

Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of the youngest executive producers of his generation within the film industry, at aged only 22, whereby he attempted to raise finance for major feature films. read more

Why did Matthew write this book?

A friend's story

Matthew and I became friends about 10 years ago. He lives in London and was looking to employ a web designer, and through a common friend, was put in touch with me. read more

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A friend's story

Matthew and I became friends about 10 years ago. He lives in London and was looking to employ a web designer, and through a common friend, was put in touch with me. I live in Romania. We used to communicate regularly via Skype, every day we would talk about the projects we were developing together. However, all of this gradually stopped when his teenage son got ill. Matthew had to stop work to look after his son and our weekly chats became more and more spasmodic. I had noticed deterioration in his tone on our occasional chats, his happy go lucky attitude had all but disappeared. He would occasionally talk to me and let me know how bad the situation had become and that the doctors had no cure. He kept on telling me that life was at a standstill for him, all of his energy went into looking after his son. I didn't know his son at that time, but Matthew is such a passionate man that hearing him sounding so hopeless his hopelessness made me feel angry at the world of medicine. Why could they not do anything? Why could they not even explain or understand what was wrong with his son?

One day Matthew told me he had met a man, I don't know how he got in contact with him, a guy that he described to me as someone "who does weird stuff". It was his way of saying that this man that he met was practicing what we all know as extremely alternative. He didn't tell me exactly what the treatment was because he knew that as he didn't believe in it why other people would. Most of us can't believe in something that we can't touch, or see, or prove. This man gave him a simple explanation of the problem. His son was like a car with a flat battery, no matter how much you fine-tuned the engine or fed it superior petrol the car would not start. His son was unable to fight with the illness because it had no energy to do so. It's hard for a rational man, like me or Matthew to believe such an explanation and to accept that the solution was to take energy from the air and put it into his son. But what did Matthew have to lose. He had tried everything else, so he agreed to pay for a series of wacky treatments.

The thing is that in 6 months, his son got better, and now, after two years, I had the chance to meet him in person and see that he is completely healed, he has re-started his life and has turned into a very nice and happy person.

That recovery made Matthew start asking questions about how was it all possible, why didn't the doctors know about this solution and was there any scientific studies that could help him to understand the process by which it all worked. As there was nobody there to answer his questions he started to look for the answers himself in the British Library. This was typical of him. So for the last year and a half the British Library was his second home. What was lovely was that his happy personality came back and he began chatting with me again on Skype. He would often recount amazing things that he had discovered that day whist at the library, ideas that I found incredible. I am going to recount to you some of the things he discovered whilst he was researching the book.

One of the first things he told me was about tree-hugging! You probably know that around the world there are people that hug trees. Of course most of us think that it is just a hippy thing. I don't anymore because Matthew explained the science behind it. He told me a simple fact, EVERYTHING VIBRATES in the universe, molecules, water, everything. Combining this fact with the amazing properties of water, which he explained is a chameleon, it changes its vibration all of the time. He suggested that as the human body is made up of 70% of water and water is also found in trees… apparently the water vibration in the trees when you put your body next to the tree, that vibration is transmitted to the water in your body and that makes you feel better, calmer… IT'S THAT SIMPLE! And it's amazing how many things you can explain starting from this simple TRUTH. It is all about vibrations and water.

Another amazing thing Matthew told me about was at the beginning of his research, the collapse of the bee population. All over the world there is a big problem these days, bees are disappearing. We all know that without bees, there will be no plants, and of course no humans pretty soon after that. Apparently bees are homing creatures and this ability to find their way home is disturbed by the multitude of GSM networks, satellites and all sorts of man-made electromagnetic fields that surround the Earth. Did you know that if you move a BEE HIVE one meter to the left, when the bees return they don't know how to find it? They will all land on the floor of the previous location of the hive and die. I didn't!

This is what the book is about. It provides amazing new ideas about so many unexplained phenomena, things that are talked about but not explained. That's why Matthew called the book "Blinded by science". The best thing about the book is that IT MAKES YOU THINK. It makes you find your own answers to things that you never expected to figure out. The book just gets you started in discovering things that you had never considered before. I assure you that once you have read just one chapter you will start to bombard all your friends with stories and embellish these with your own ideas, your own explanation about new ideas. I know this will happen to you because it happened to me, it happened to the designer who designed the book covers, it happened to all my friends, in fact it has happened to everyone who has read at least one chapter from the book. It will happen to you too!